About Kaite

Mom + wife and lover of all things coffee + books

My superpower is to stay calm and just blend into the background, capturing the perfect moments of your special day.

In 2021, I turned my photography passion into a full-time gig, making moments unforgettable. Specialising in documentary-style shots, I capture raw, true-to-color emotions. From hobbyist to pro, my lens tells stories that are as vibrant and genuine as life itself!

Wanna be friends and start documenting some memories? Let's do it! I can't wait to meet you & tell your story through these photos.


a few of my favourite things:

Long Walks





Ready to create magic together?

If you are dog loving, french fry eating, coffee drinking, summer seeking, outgoing, and Christ centred person, we would be the PERFECT fit to work together. 

I strive to personally get to know each one of my clients. I will quickly become your best friend through the time we get to work together. 

Are you ready to make it happen?

Enough About me, I can’t wait to hear about you!

Let's capture your story.

For the Wildly Imaginative, Let Us Capture Your Story,